Papa Louie 4

The Papa Louie series continue and this time, Papa Louie had gone for a picnic with his friends when the enemies kidnap all his pals. Papa Louie is not going to go home without his friends! So, will you help him out to find his buddies?

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To control the movement of your game avatar, make use of the left and right arrow keys. The Up arrow key is to jump and the Down arrow key is to sit down. To jump higher, keep holding the Up arrow key. The Space bar is to attack the enemies. All these controls can even be customized as per your requirements by visiting the Menu. So, if you are more familiar with the WASD keys then customize your controls accordingly.

Here is the list of badges that you could earn in various levels of the game:

  • Onion Wrangler: It will let you defeat 75 onion enemies.
  • Key Collector: You can earn 5 Warp keys.
  • Warp Key Roundup: Earn 10 Warp Keys.
  • Full Roster: With this badge, you can unlock all of the friends.
  • Customer Assistance: You can complete levels using 10 different friends.
  • Team effort: Complete levels using all friends.
  • New threads: Buy a new outfit for a buddy.
  • Change of clothes: Purchase 10 new clothes for friends.
  • Expanded wardrobe: Buy 30 new set of clothes.
  • Super Stomper: Stomp and stun 100 enemies.
  • Can’t Stop Stomping: Stomp and stun 250 enemies.

>> Click Here To Play Papa Louie 4 <<


There are some levels of the game that are quite tricky, so make use of these tips to clear them:

  • You will come across several kinds of enemies. Some of them can be killed at one shot while others can be killed by hitting them thrice. So, kill them accordingly.
  • There are several coins that are spread everywhere in each level. Try to collect all of them as they will be helpful for you in future.
  • Each level will be completed when you rescue your friend and it will even unlock a new character for your game. You can either use the new character in the next level or play with the same old one.
  • Each character that you unlock has some special abilities. So, ensure that you check those skills before selecting the character for your next level.
  • You will even come across heart shaped lives. Always collect them as they will give you a life for free.
  • Some levels will expect you to defeat all Sundaesaurus, so that you can reach new stages. Whereas other levels will expect you to collect 100 coins to rescue the friend.

The aforesaid tips will make your game all the more engrossing and simpler. So, use them and try to rescue all friends of Papa Louie.