Papa’s Bakeria

If baking is your forte, then start playing the interesting and engrossing online game called as Papa’s Bakeria. This game is yet another amazing series from the Papa Louie’s Arcade. In this game, you need to bake and serve customers with your favorite pies. Check out these important aspects of the game and get ready to bake:

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  • Order Station: The customers will place their orders here.
  • Build Station: You can build the pie here.
  • Bake Station: The pie will be baked at this station.
  • Top Station: Here, you will add toppings and sauces on the pie.

Based on the manner in which you handle the entire session, you will be rewarded with ranks for topping, baking, building, and making the customers wait. Try to work quickly and efficiently so that you earn lots of points. Listed below are some of the amazing products available in the game shop:

  • Cook Boosters will let you bake the pies faster.
  • The Doorbell will let you hear when new customers enter, no matter where you are.
  • Bake Alarms will automatically alert you when the pie has finished baking.
  • The Special Sign will let customers know about the special item you have prepared today. So, they will place more order for Today’s Special.

There are several Stickers available in this game that you can earn:

  • Summer Vacation.
  • Winter Wonderland.
  • New Year Baking.
  • Go Green.
  • Easter Basket.
  • Summer Fun.
  • Trick or Treat.
  • Holiday Pies.
  • Hot and Ready.
  • Silver Medal.
  • Repeat Customers.
  • Order Expert.
  • And, many more.

>> Click Here To Play Papa’s Bakeria <<


Try to earn as many stickers as you can. Also, there are mini-games available after every level. So, you can indulge yourself in those interesting games too. After a few levels or days in the game, you will need to hire help as the dining room will be open. So, you will have to hire a server to help take orders. As you keep progressing in the game, you can prepare special items by using special ingredients and recipes. These items will get unlocked as you reach new levels of the game. If you serve the specials well then you can earn bonus points too.

Here are some tips to make your game simpler:

  • Don’t make the customer wait for too long, as you will lose points.
  • Some customers will come with a Golden envelope in their hands, which consists of a special recipe. Try to please that customer well so that they present you the recipe. These recipes can then be added to your shop as Today’s Special.
  • To know the recipe of Today’s’ Special item, click the star button that is on top right corner along the ticket line.
  • As you unlock new crusts, fillings, and toppings, your customers will start placing order for these new items.

Use these tips and try to earn more points, so that you are awarded with new ranks and titles. Have fun while baking and serving yummy pies!