Papa’s Hot Doggeria

Do you wish to own a cafeteria of your own? Do you like serving food to others? If yes, then you should start playing Papa’s Hot Doggeria online game. In this game, you will be a proud owner of a café where you will be serving hot dogs, popcorn, and cold drinks to customers. Listed below are the various stations where you will be working:

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  • Order station: Take orders here.
  • Grill Station: Grilling of the hot dog will be done here.
  • Build Station: Here you will add the required toppings on the hot dog.
  • Pop Station: Make drinks and popcorns for your customers here.

You need to take orders in the order book and then prepare the hot dog as per the requirements of the customers. Once the order is made, the customer will check and provide scores and tips accordingly. The scores will be based on building, grilling, and making the customers wait for their orders. You can also play mini games at the end of each day.

There are five different game shops available in the game; namely the upgrades, furniture, posters, wall, and clothing. Here are some important things available in the upgrade shop:

  • Doorbell: Will let you hear when a new customer arrives.
  • Grill Booster: It will make you cook the food faster.
  • Hot Dog Alarm: Will alert you when to flip or remove the hot dog.
  • Soda Booster: This will let you pour the drinks faster.
  • Popcorn Booster: The popcorns can be cooked faster with this booster.

Listed below are some of the essential things available in the furniture shop:

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  • Bookshelf: Customers can grab a book while they wait.
  • Peanut Barrel: They can munch on some peanuts while their order is getting ready.
  • Jukebox: Customers can hear some songs to kill time.
  • Hanging Plants: It will beautify your shop.
  • Newspaper Stand: Reading materials will keep the customers busy.
  • Comic Books: The customers can keep themselves engrossed by reading comics.

You can also purchase Burgeria balloons, Pizza boxes, etc. to gift the customers for waiting patiently till their orders were done. Every new level will provide a new ingredient for your shop. As you keep progressing in the game, you can earn 100 badges. Some of them are:

  • Work up the Ranks: When you reach rank 5.
  • Employee of the Year: When you reach rank 50.
  • Big Winner: You get this badge when you earn 20 prizes in Foodini’s mini-games.
  • Upgraded Wardrobe: If you purchase 8 clothing from the shop.
  • Advertiser: When you buy 8 posters for decorating the shop.
  • One-stop shopping: You get this badge when you purchase 50 items from a single shop.
  • Silver medal: By earning 10 silver customer awards.
  • Five Alarms: By buying all grill alarms.
  • Build Expert: When you get a 100% building score on 20 orders.
  • Pop Expert: When you can get a 100% popping score on 20 orders.

There are several more badges that you can earn as you keep progressing in the game. The game is surely going to keep you occupied for several hours. So, start your personal café and have fun while playing Papa’s Hot Doggeria.