Papa’s Burgeria

Papa’s Burgeria is another interesting online game from the Papa Louie Arcade. In this game, you need to cook burgers and serve it to the customers. Ensure that you multi-task things quickly otherwise your customer will have to wait for long and you will lose tips. Here are some important aspects of the game:

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  • Grill Station: It is where you cook and flip the burger patties.
  • Build Station: You can stack the burgers and toppings here.
  • Order Station: It is where you take orders from the customers.
  • Note down all orders on the tickets.
  • Drag the tickets onto the ticket line to store. You can even organize them as you like.

After the completion of a single day, you will receive customer points and ranks depending on the way you managed your customers. You will be ranked on the basis of service quality, building the burger, grilling it, and making your customers wait. Try to earn lots of points so that you can get loads of tips from them.

As you keep progressing in the game, you can upgrade your shop. Listed below are some things that you could purchase for your shop:

  • TV: To keep your customers entertained while they wait.
  • Newspaper Stand: Customers can catch up on the news while they are waiting for the burger.
  • Kingsley Poster: You can promote his newest comedy tour.
  • Door bell: No matter where you are, you will be able to hear the door bell ringing when a new customer enters.
  • Heat lamp: Keep the burgers hot by purchasing a heat lamp.
  • Coffee stand: Customers can have some coffee while waiting for their burger.
  • Medium, Rare, and Well-done timers: It will stick on the burger and sets an alarm for flipping and when it is done cooking. All three timers will alert for different types of burgers.
  • Romano Poster: You can promote the Romano Family Quarlet in Burgeria.
  • Sauce Poster: Try all flavors of sauces.
  • Pizzeria Poster: It is the Burgeria’s sister chain.
  • Veggie Poster: Buy fresh veggies for your burger.
  • Mochi Poster: You can stick it on the wall.

>> Click Here To Play Papa’s Burgeria <<


Depending on the tips you have earned and the cost of each product available in the shop, you can purchase them. Try to purchase the most important stuff first, so that managing the Burgeria becomes easier. Every time you do a good job on an order, the customer will get one star on his Star Gauge. If you do a bad job, then the Star Gauge will drop to zero. Once the Star Gauge is completely filled for a particular customer, you will earn a Star Customer badge and a bonus tip. The Star Customer badges are available in bronze, silver, and gold. This is a great way to earn more tips. So, work with a lot of dedication and try to earn the Gold badges for every customer. Enjoy!