Papa’s Freezeria

Papa’s Freezeria is an interesting online game from the Papa Louie Arcade. In this game, you need to serve different kinds of sundaes to the customers. However, ensure that you work quickly and make your customers happy. Here is the procedure in which your shop will work:

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  • Order Station: You take orders here.
  • Build Station: You start sundaes with mixable and syrups here.
  • Mix Station: You can blend the Freezer sundaes here.
  • Top Station: Here, you can add toppings and extras to the Freezer sundaes.

You can buy various stuffs from the upgrade shop to beautify your shop and make your business better:

  • Doorbell: You will be able to hear when a new customer enters.
  • Blender Booster: Will let you speed up the blending process.
  • Chunky Alarm: It will alert you when the sundae is blended to Chunky.
  • Smooth Alarm: Will alert you when the sundae is blended to Smooth.
  • Auto Ice Cream: It will automatically pour ice cream to the ideal amount. This will enable you to get the best score.
  • Chef Hat: It will be just like Papa Louie’s hat.

Other than the aforesaid products, there is a furniture shop too in the game. This shop will enable you to buy products that will make your Freezeria attractive. Some of these items are:

>> Click Here To Play Papa’s Freezeria  <<


  • Blueberry Poster: It will let you show the various ingredients to customers.
  • Small, Medium and Large Table: You can buy these for your customers.
  • Newspaper Stand: Your customers can catch up on some news while waiting for their orders.
  • Soda Machine: Customers can grab a can of Fizzo while they wait.
  • Jukebox: Your customers can listen to some songs and kill time till you prepare their order.
  • Comic Books: Comics can keep the customers busy for some time.
  • Planter Box: It will spruce up the place.
  • Coffee Station: The customers can sip some coffee while waiting for the order.
  • Velvet Rope: This will keep the customers in line.
  • Bookshelf: Customers can read some books to pass their time.

There are many more products available in the furniture shop. Depending on their cost and the amount that you have earned by tips, you can purchase them. However, a good tip here is to buy the product that is most important for your business like a doorbell or a coffee station. Work with a lot of dedication so that you can earn more scores that will be based on topping, building, mixing, and making the customers wait. So, have fun while you serve chilled sundaes to your customers!