Papa’s Pancakeria

If you are a big fan of the Papa Louie Arcade games, then the Papa’s Pancakeria will be an apt game for you. In this game, you need to cook yummy pancakes and serve the customers. There are three stations in the game where you can work. The fourth station is unlocked and will be locked only after you reach Rank 15. Read on, to know what work you need to perform in each station:

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  • Order Station is where the customers come to place their orders.
  • You can cook the pancakes at the Grill Station.
  • Toppings can be added at the Build Station.

There are two shops available in the game. These shops have innumerable products for sale. Listed below are the upgrades that are available in the shops:

  • Grill Alarms: These alarms will alert you when to flip or remove the pan cake.
  • Waffle Alarms: It will automatically alert you when to flip or remove the waffle.
  • Drink Auto-pour: This upgrade will automatically pour drinks to the ideal amount for the best score.
  • Doorbell: It will ring the bell when a new customer enters your shop.
  • Chef Hat: The hat is exactly like the one that Papa Louie wears.
  • Choco Poster: Will make your waffles rich and gooey.
  • McCoy Arcade Games: Nice way to keep the customers busy while you prepare their order.
  • Newspaper Stand: Customers can read some news while waiting.
  • Jukebox: Put on some nice music for the customers to enjoy.
  • Gumballs: Customers can have these chewing gums while they wait.
  • Velvet Rope: It will keep the customers in line until their turn arrives.
  • Comic Books: Comics will keep the customers busy.
  • Banana / butterscotch / blueberry/ raspberry/ strawberry / chocolate Gums: Buy any one or all of them for your customers.
  • Cabin Fireplace: Will keep the restaurant cozy.
  • Tables: Tables of various sizes are available for purchase. You can buy one as per your choice.

>> Click Here To Play Papa’s Pancakeria <<


Other than these, there are several wall and floor decorating options available, which can beautify your restaurant. Depending on the tips you earn, you can buy any of the products offered in the game shop. There is another shop available in the game that will be unlocked after you reach new stages.

You will be ranked on the basis of building, grilling, and making the customers wait. Try to multi-task the entire things so that you can earn lots of scores and loads of tips from the customers. So, have fun while serving lip-smacking pancakes to your customers.