Papa’s Pastaria

Papa’s Pastaria is a cool flash based restaurant management game developed by Flipline Studios. The game is free to play and requires a browser equipped with Flash Player in order to play it. Players can play this game on any computer or laptop as it doesn’t have any specific hardware requirements. The cute graphics and strategic gameplay makes it suitable for people of all ages.

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Papa’s Pastaria brings you a whole new restaurant management experience where you need to take orders and execute them by making new dishes for the customers. The game begins with the player securing a job at Papa’s Pastaria where they have to serve different customers with their choice of Pastas. The objective of the game is to level up by executing the orders correctly as per the instructions given by the customers. Players unlock new upgrades such as clothes, dishes, and customers on leveling up in the game.

The orders completed are evaluated on below-mentioned parameters and on that basis they receive tips from their customers:

  • Order Station: In Order Station, players can take the orders of the customers and ask them to wait until their order is executed.
  • Cook Station: In this part, players need to cook pasta that is of customer’s choice. They need to be careful as they cannot serve the customer with undercooked or overcooked pasta.
  • Build Station: At this stage, players need to decorate the pasta as per the choice of sauce or seasonings of the customer.
  • Bread Station: This is the last stage and here, players have to toast the bread for the customer and close the order.

>> Click Here To Play Papa’s Pastaria  <<


Players receive daily serving score on the basis of the percentage score shared by each customer. This score determines the amount of experience points received by the player.

The game is extremely engaging especially for foodies who love pastas and you can excel in this game if you use the below-mentioned tips:

  • Don’t make your customers wait at the order station for a long time to place order as they become irate.
  • Make sure that the pastas are cooked adequately as if you serve the customers with undercooked or overcooked pasta you will receive zero Cook Station score.
  • Spread out the sauce, seasoning, and toppings evenly on the entire pasta as the presentation will add on to your Build Station score.
  • Serve the customer with his choice of bread at the Bread Station.
  • If the pasta is uncooked or undercooked then throw it in the bin rather than serving it to the customer as it would create negative image for your restaurant.

Papa’s Pastaria will surely keep you busy for a few days. If you still don’t believe us then play the game and see it yourself.