Papa’s Taco Mia

If you are interested in serving hot and delicious tacos to customers, then the Papa’s Taco Mia will be the right online game for you. It is an interesting game from the Papa Louie Arcade that will keep you engrossed for some days. The game can be played and enjoyed by all age groups. It is extremely simple to play the game; you just need to pick, drop, and drag things that are provided in the game. Here are the three stations where you will be working:

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  • You need to take orders from the customers at the Order Station.
  • Grill Station is to cook meats for tacos.
  • The toppings and sauces to tacos can be added on the Build Station.

Depending on the services you offered and time taken, you will get scores based on building, grilling, and making the customers wait. Ensure that you provide the best of your facilities so that you earn lots of scores and tips. These tips will let you purchase several things and you can upgrade your shop by buying the below-mentioned items:

  • Soft or Hard Taco Sign will let you get a better score on orders.
  • Doorbells will let you know when a new customer arrives.
  • Beautify your shop by buying pepper lights or leafy plants.
  • The Gold Spatula will flip meat twice as fast.
  • With the help of the Gold Knife, you can cut meat twice as fast.
  • The ceiling fan will keep your customers cool while they wait for their orders.
  • TV is a great way to keep the customers entertained.
  • Customers can catch up on the news if you purchase a newspaper stand for them.
  • Coffee Stand will keep the waiting customers busy.
  • Customers can listen to their favorite numbers if you buy the jukebox.
  • The Gumball Machine can provide delicious chewing gums to the waiting customers.
  • Beef / chicken / pork / steak alarms will automatically alert you when the meat needs to be flipped and when it is done cooking.
  • You can purchase extra burners for cooking meat for your customers.

>> Click Here To Play Papa’s Taco Mia <<


Moreover, there are several kinds of hats available in the shop that you can buy for yourself. So, keep earning tips and purchasing new things for your shop. This game certainly is the best way to keep yourself free from stress and worries. Have fun while preparing tacos!