Papa’s Wingeria

Papa’s Wingeria is an addictive online game that can be enjoyed by adults as well as kids. The game will provide you the opportunity to become a proud owner of an eatery that cooks and sells wings. As you progress in the game, the number of customers that you receive will increase. So, you need to work very hard to make the customers happy. Here are the important features of the game that will give you an idea of the way the eatery works:

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  • At the Order Station you need to take orders.
  • The Fry Station is where the wings will be cooked.
  • At the Sauce Station you can toss various sauces on the wings.
  • Build Station will let you arrange the wings and sides on a plate.

There are five shops available in the game, which consists of upgrades, furniture, posters, wall, and clothing. These shops have innumerable things for sale that can make your business better. Listed below are the most important things that are available in these shops:

  • A doorbell that rings when a new customer arrives.
  • Cook Booster will let you cook the food quickly.
  • The Fryer Alarm will automatically alert you when to remove food.
  • Stock napkins to wipe the messy plates before serving by purchasing the napkin and its holder.
  • You can play music for your customers by purchasing the jukebox.
  • A table will be helpful to serve food to the customers.
  • By buying the gumballs, the customers can have some chewing gums while waiting for their orders.
  • A coffee station is a great way to make the customers happy as they can sip some coffee while waiting.
  • The guests can read some comics if you buy the comic books for them.
  • A soda machine will be good for the customers as they can grab a can of Fizzo while their order gets ready.
  • Blueberry gums and banana gums can also be liked by many customers.
  • There are several wall papers available in different colors and you can buy any of them to decorate your shop.

>> Click Here To Play Papa’s Wingeria <<


Once you earn lots of tips from customers, you can start purchasing from the game shop. Customers will give you tips based on a few criteria; waiting, frying, saucing, and building. You should provide your best services for all these criteria so that you earn high scores and lots of tips. If you work well, then you can even earn innumerable badges from the set of 80 badges that are available in the game. Some of these badges are:

  • Better Than Papa.
  • Work Up The Ranks.
  • Employee Of The Year.
  • Grand Prize Winner.
  • Full Time Employee.
  • Skillful Contestant.
  • Order Expert.
  • And, many more.

So, play well and try to earn as many badges as you can. Have fun!